Testimonial from V (full name withheld)

I was represented by a different firm when my family matter commenced in 2008 and after going to trial, final orders were made in 2010.

My ex-husband and I incurred over $2.5million in legal fees. Having spent all this money I was extremely disappointed to find that there were a significant number of flaws identified in the final orders and judgement which caused issues regarding the implantation of the orders.

My ex-husband only wanted to delay the inevitable and place me under more financial strain. As a result I had no choice but to go back to court and in 2016 I met Warren and I wished he had represented me the entire time. Having to go back to court I was often moody, emotional and did not understand things at times, but at every stage Warren discussed what the next steps were, requested my input, told me the potential outcomes while also providing me with estimates of the possible costs involved.

My matter was not easy, in fact it was very complex as Warren found out. Thanks to Warren’s excellent knowledge and understanding of the Legislation, Regulations, law and the team of professional practitioners he works with, I can finally say my matter is resolved and closed.

Thank you Warren and llvana for all the effort time and empathy shown to me in being able to now put the past behind me. I am very grateful.

— V (full name withheld)